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Powerful Weapons to Pass Oral Boards!

Big Red Video Audio Red Video Spiels Video Ranger Red Video
Big Red is the premier tool for Oral Board preparation, containing essential information for the tip of the brain and the tip of the tongue. Much of Big Red needs to be memorized. Besides reviewing the top topics tested, Big Red covers the lists, differentials, and defenses of controversial positions. Despite attempts by others to copy it, there is simply no substitute for Big Red. It is the best single source for Oral Board preparation.

Big Blue vs Big Red - There REALLY are BIG Differences!

Audio Red is Big Red read and discussed by Dr. Jensen. Big Red is the most focused, integrated, and comprehensive tool for Oral Board preparation. "The Tongue is the only edge tool which grows sharper with instant use" (Mark Twain) and Big Red helps enormously with verbal organization. Reading through Big Red repetitively is critical, but hearing it read and discussed by Dr. Jensen greatly facilitates command of this central source. After all, what better way is there to prepare for a talking test than to be in a talking environment. By listening to Audio Red you can put Big Red where it belongs, on the tip of your tongue.

"Spiels by Niels" contains the top 75 - 100 Oral Boards "spiels" - lists, differentials and defenses of controversial positions. It is easy to carry and use and is an excellent source for the Oral exam. Simply put, a "spiel" is defined as a short talk - exactly what is required at many junctures of Oral Boards. "Spiels" need to be on the tip of your tongue for use at any moment during the exam. Memorization, especially camouflaged, appropriate to, and within the context of a patient care problem is extremely powerful during an oral examination. "Spiels" greatly facilitates such memorization.
Ranger Red is a unique audio book of 15 cases of Oral Board examinations. These are actual cases which have been used in past ABA Oral Board examinations, including a new, important, recently recorded CABG case. Each case is divided into 5 parts: an outlining drill, testing drill, outlining critique, testing critique, and audio examination. First, outline the stem question and take the test before comparing your answers to the written and taped responses of the # 1 Board coach in the U.S.A., Dr. Jensen. Ranger Red allows you to develop, practice, and test the very skills required for excellence on the Oral Boards, namely scripting, outlining, and verbalization. So often, the practice component is missing. Ranger Red gives you this practice and provides the answers and insights in a unique and interesting format.

Ranger Running Video
"Ranger Running". The six sample cases sent to each examinee are important for two reasons. First, they are sometimes used as actual exams. Second, even if the exact case is not encountered, the approach to similar problems in a practice setting provides an undeniable advantage on exam day. Often the sample cases are not properly reviewed or there is doubt about the best answer or approach. The Ranger Running cases help solve this problem. Modeled after Ranger Red, they consist of notes and audio discussion which allow for self-testing and correction (in written and audio form). Wouldn't it be an advantage to have an extensive review of the very exam upon which you are tested? It's happened! Even if the reality is not quite that perfect, understanding the correct approach to many of the problems presented in these cases is very applicable to other situations encountered in the examination room. One Ranger commented, "Virtually everything I was asked had been covered in some similar manner in either Ranger Red or the Running cases."
This little book will help you pass Boards. Itís for use in the operating room, late at night, on the go, and in quiet moments; it will complete your mental game.

Perhaps more than anything else I do, the great words and lines in this little book--Passing Boards: Pearls, Parables, and Passages for Peak Performance-- help me on a daily basis to find focus, stay sane, stay positive, and Beat the Beast of Boards. Read More...

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